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Best Alabama Quarterbacks in History

The Alabama football program has been doing amazing things in recent years. Head Coach Nick Saban has built a program that competes for the National Championship almost every year. His players are the best in the nation and each year they help to fill up the NFL draft. A number of those great players have been quarterbacks. Will he develop one this year?  Who knows, but what I do know is that these are the best quarterbacks in Alabama history.

Joe Namath

Few names in football resonate more than Joe Namath. The former NFL star got his start at Alabama. Namath established himself as and Alabama’ greatest quarterback. He was known as a superb athlete who could both pass and run. He accumulated over 15 rushing touchdowns during his career. Namath took Alabama to the 1964 national championship. He put together a 29-4 record as during his career as a starter. He had great numbers for his time period including nearly 3,000 yards passing and 24 touchdowns.

AJ McCarron

Despite what he has done in the professional ranks, AJ McCarron will always be known as one of the greatest winners in college football history. He won two national championships as quarterback of the Tide. He was known as being a quarterback that was very efficient. He doesn’t have the individual awards or successes that some of the other quarterbacks on this list have, but he was a guy who knew how to win. He did win the Maxwell Award in 2013. His career record as a starter is an amazing 36-4.  Of course, it helped that he had some of the best running backs and defensive players in Tide history.

Kenny Stabler

A great quarterback, Stabler is known just as much for his work off the field as on. He was quite the quarterback at Alabama going 19-2-1 as the starter, taking over for Joe Namath. His career includes a Sugar Bowl win over Nebraska, and his famous “Run in the Mud,” a 53-yard touchdown run to win the Iron Bowl during his senior season. Stabler would go on to have a great 15 year career in the NFL.

Jay Barker

Jay Barker’s teams were virtually unbeatable during his career at Alabama, He finished his career with an amazing 35-2-1 record as a starter. In 1992 he led the Crimson Tide to the National Championship and he finished fifth in Heisman voting. Despite having one of his worse seasons statistically he won SEC Player of the Year.

Pat Trammel

The first quarterback to play under legend Bear Bryant, Pat Trammel helped to make Alabama one of the best programs in the nation. He finished his career with 26-2-4 record as a starter. He led the Tide to their first national title under Bryant in his senior season and finished fifth in Heisman voting. Sadly he passed away from cancer at 28. In 1988 Alabama established the Pat Trammell Award, in his honor. It is given to a Crimson Tide player who exhibits character and leadership.

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